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Our Expertises

Areas of intervention

Business law


  • Corporate law 
  • Law of contracts
  • Commercial law
  • Competition law
  • Tax legislation
  • Security law
  • Labour and social relations law

Services provided

  • Legal and tax advice
  • Creation of companies and subsequent acts (registration with various administrations, in particular social and tax authorities) (obtaining an import code, etc.)
  • Legal Secretariat: organization of the Boards of Directors and General Meetings and completion of subsequent formalities
  • Advice on contractual matters (drafting, negotiation...) (e.g. transfer of business assets, purchase of raw materials, etc.)
  • Drafting of other acts (various unilateral acts, general conditions, manuals of internal procedures of the services, etc.) 
  • Annual legal audit
  • Legal watch
  • Audit of the company's internal procedures and recommendations
  • Recovery audit aimed at providing adequate solutions for efficient recovery of receivables. This audit is accompanied by a follow-up to implement the recommended procedures
  • Non-judicial collection of the company's receivables (advice in negotiations, setting up of securities, etc.)
  • Negotiation with administrations (fines, renewal of approvals, etc.)
  • Legal representation or representation before the courts
  • Arbitration (VIRTUS members can represent your company before the arbitration courts, they are also arbitrators before the Joint Court of Justice and Arbitration in particular)